Well Water Quality Testing

Test Your Private Water Well Annually

Did you know that 350,000 Maryland households have private water wells? While public water systems are maintained by local authorities, homeowners are charged with maintaining their own water supply if they have their own water well.

Most authorities, including the Maryland Department of the Environment, recommend annual testing of a home’s well water quality. Groundwater can be vulnerable to contamination, which is why it is important to regularly check a private water well’s water quality.

The Maryland Department of the Environment specifically recommends evaluate well water for nitrates, dissolved solids, pH levels, and the presence of coliform bacteria. The University of Maryland Extension’s Well Water and Septic Homeowner Education Project also has helpful information for homeowners to learn more about how to maintain their water well and septic systems.

Reasons for Well Water Quality Testing

When you are ready to sell your home, having records that your water well has been regularly inspected and has good water quality can be a meaningful selling point.

Other reasons that can indicate well water quality testing include the following:

  • If your water has a different appearance, odor, or taste
  • If your water well recently has been affected by flood waters or other land disturbances
  • If your family is experiencing unexplained illnesses and to rule out contamination
  • If neighbors have had contamination in their water well
  • If you’re ruling out sources of contamination (livestock, wildlife, waste disposal, lawn or pool chemicals for example)
  • If known problems exist with well water in your area
  • If recent repairs or replacement of your water well system have been made

Count On Us to Help You Maintain Your Water Well

Clean water is an essential ingredient to health. Contact Chad at Shore Inspection Services, LLC to set up well water quality testing on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, so you can keep track of your water quality and ensure clean water for years to come. We can make the recommended yearly maintenance check of your water well hassle-free.