Swimming Pool Inspections

When you’re buying a new home, you may need a pool inspection if a pool or spa is part of your purchase. These inspections can educate you about proper care and maintenance of your pool and alert you if any parts require repair or major renovation before moving in.

Why Do Homeowners Seek Pool Inspections?

The most common reason to order a pool or spa inspection is before the sale or purchase of a new home. Less frequently, we receive inquiries when homeowners have concerns with their pool and need help pinpointing the issue at hand.

What Does a Home Inspector Look for in a Typical Pool Inspection?

Pool inspectors examine the pool and its surrounds for safety, proper drainage, leaks or cracks to the foundation or liner, and the pool equipment to ensure all the systems are working properly.

The following may be included in a pool inspection:

  • Pool basic specifications – sketch of the pool and its depth, construction materials, age and date of manufacture
  • Pool exterior – decking surfaces, safety and filter covers, security of railings and ladders
  • Water levels – type of chemicals used in the pool, integrity of the pool’s interior
  • Surrounds – walkways, fencing, drainage
  • Equipment – drain, motors and pumps, timers and automated systems, heater, and lights

Evaluate a Pool Before You Purchase a New Home

A typical home inspection does not extend to the pool. However, it is easy to add a comprehensive pool inspection if you are considering the purchase of a new home. These inspections for a pool or spa can give you peace of mind, since some of the inner workings can be difficult to evaluate just by looking at them on the surface.

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