Sewer Scope Inspections

What is a Sewer Scope Inspection?

A sewer scope inspection involves sending a fiber optic camera on a long lead and carefully running it through your lateral sewer line. Most sewer lines lead from the home near the foundation through the front or back yard to the city tap or to a septic tank.

Why homeowners need a sewer scope inspection?

If your home has a lot of trees and/or your home is 20 or more years old, a sewer inspection can spot problems long before waste starts backing up!

Sewer scope inspections can record the following:

  1. Is the pipe draining correctly? Sometimes if there is settling in the ground, there could be pooling of water and debris in the line.
  2. Are tree root intrusions observable? Sometimes established trees can work their way into the line through small cracks and cause larger problems.
  3. How is the pipe holding up? Very old pipes from older homes may have holes, cracks, obstructions, or show evidence of collapsing in extreme cases.

What symptoms might suggest a sewer scope inspection?

While evaluating a sewer line is typically not within the scope of most home inspections, this specialty inspection can add peace of mind ahead of a home purchase. The following are indicators of sewer line problems:

  • Backups of sewage (especially toilets)
  • Stinky smells
  • Low water pressure and flow
  • Areas of lush growth where the sewer line runs
  • Yard indentations and persistent dampness
  • Mold problems
  • More insect and rodent problems
  • Possible foundation issues

Keep Your Sewer Line in Good Repair

If a home inspection or plumbing symptoms suggest a sewer problem, you owe it to yourself to hire Chad Sims, owner of Shore Inspection Services, LLC, to conduct a sewer scope inspection. Serving Maryland’s Eastern Shore and following InterNATCHI standards of practice, he will use the latest technology and techniques to investigate your sewer line with a report and video to share with a home buyer and/or with a plumber. Whether he finds a sewer line in good repair or one that could use a little help, having complete information at your fingertips will give you the intelligence you need to make the best decisions possible to maintain your home.