Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

A home is one of the largest purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. But how do you know if the Maryland home you picked will be a dream home or a money pit? A comprehensive pre-purchase home inspection by a licensed, experienced professional can answer that question for you.

A thorough inspection will give you an unbiased opinion about the condition and maintenance of the home you want to purchase. Every home has its high points and its challenges. What you don’t want to discover after you move in is that hidden problems exist costing thousands of dollars to fix. Water damage, foundation cracks, wiring problems, and mold are just a few of the larger problems a home inspection can identify.

Home inspectors look for big and small issues, so you can decide if what we find are cosmetic or a dealbreaker. This is why it’s helpful to be present during the inspection and to bring your home inspection questions.

When to Get a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Once you have made a purchase offer on an existing home and it has been accepted by the seller, it is time to order a home inspection. A comprehensive home inspection protects buyers by revealing any safety hazards and repairs that could be costly down the road.

The results of a home inspection are so important that there is often a contingency clause that allows sellers to cancel a purchase contract if large issues are discovered. Buyers also can use the information to negotiate a reduction of the price or request repairs. Financing is often contingent on the results of a home inspection, too.

What parts of a Home will a Home Inspector Evaluate?

Home inspectors can give homeowners an idea of how old appliances may be. We also focus on systems that ensure a home’s safety. We evaluate the following:

  • Exterior – roof, siding, foundation, windows, drainage around the home, and more.
  • Interior – walls, doors, flooring, attic, basements, garage, crawlspaces
  • Plumbing – leaks and ventilation, water shutoff, kitchen and bathroom faucet, and drains, water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine connections
  • HVAC – central air conditioning, dehumidifier, ventilation, ductwork, furnace or boiler, condenser, evaporator coil, vents, and registers
  • Electrical – electrical outlets, circuit breakers, wiring
  • Fireplace, Insulation, Ventilation – dryer vents, attic insulation, and wood or gas fireplaces

You may also need specialty inspections that can detect the presence of mold, pests, radon, and lead paint.

What Happens After the Inspection is Complete?

After the inspection but before closing, we will send a comprehensive report of findings that you can use to make decisions. These are decisions you could make:

  • Will you ask for repairs or make them yourself?
  • Will you work with your realtor to request a credit or price reduction?
  • Maybe everything looks good and you’re ready to proceed with the purchase as-is.
  • Or, maybe you need to walk away from the deal and look for another home in better condition.

Keep in mind that our job is to spot minor and major issues. It is generally not reasonable to fix everything. Our goal is to give you a thorough report that fairly evaluates the condition of the home you want to buy.

Order a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Protect your investment before you buy a home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with a comprehensive home inspection by Shore Inspection Services, LLC. We can get your home inspection scheduled and a final report back to you quickly, so you have the intel you need to move ahead.

If you are building a home from the ground up rather than purchasing an existing property or undergoing a significant renovation, we offer new construction inspections for all the phases of construction to ensure a quality build.