New Home Construction Inspections

If you are constructing a new home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, ordering one or more new home construction inspections is a must! The sheer number of builders, contractors, and tradespeople who are working on your home guarantees that no build will be perfect. Local city and/or county inspectors have so many homes to inspect, they do not have the time to inspect every detail the way we can.

Hiring your own third-party inspector who is accountable to you will check your home at various stages of the build and spot any issues before you close on your home. Don’t depend on the one-year warranty that many homebuilders offer to catch defects. Ideally, you want any issues spotted and addressed ahead of closing and the final walk-through.

Types of New Home Construction Inspections

  1. Pre-slab foundation Inspection (aka Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection) – This type of inspection takes place ahead of any framing.
  2. Pre-drywall inspection (aka Framing Inspection) – The drywall inspection takes place after the framing and roof is up. All of the electrical, HVAC and plumbing should be roughed in and have passed initial inspections by city or county inspectors.
  3. Final home inspection – A final home inspection is recommended after all the walls and appliances are in place. The electricity, gas and water should be turned on. You’ll want to time this ahead of the final walk-through, so your builder has time to make any updates or repairs.

Communicating with Your Builder

We advise you to stay in touch with your builder throughout the construction process. You can let them know that you plan to hire a third-party inspector, which will alert them that you are paying close attention to the build. Staying in touch keeps the lines of communication open.

ProTip: Be sure that the building contract you sign allows you to hire your own inspector. If it does not, we recommend ordering a home inspection immediately after the closing.

Expertise a Third-Party Inspector Brings

Hiring your own new construction inspector gives you peace of mind throughout the construction process. A thorough inspection is an investment in the long-term safety, longevity and comfort of your dream home.

We will educate you on what you need to know about your home from top to bottom. We will share our knowledge of state and local ordinances, zoning regulations, building codes, and construction best practices will be at your disposal.

We will take the time to answer your questions and create a punch list to make sure all the upgrades you paid for get done and any minor updates or repairs are documented.

Invest in Your Peace of Mind – Hire Shore Inspection Services

Contact Chad at Shore Inspection Services, LLC, to schedule your new construction inspection. Located in Preston, Maryland, we inspect existing and newly constructed homes all along Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Read our frequently asked questions on home inspections and check out our service area.